Getting Ready for Showings

Getting your home ready to show

If you’re planning an open house, or are expecting buyers to be looking at your home, make sure their first impression is a good one. Here are few hints for making your house look great to potential buyers:


10 minutes notice


Make beds


Grab a laundry basket and throw clutter in it, put it in your car


Empty all garbages


Put up your “show” towels


Close all toilet seats


Wipe down all countertops and sinks


Turn on all lights


1 hour notice


Do everything on the 10 minutes list


Vacuum all carpeted floors


Clean all glass and mirrored surfaces


Give the toilets a scrub and wipe down the tub


Clean kitchen countertops as much as possible, all dishes in the dishwasher and all scrubbies and dish soap under the sink


Laundry folded and put away, or put in a laundry basket in your car or closet


Shake out doormat and sweep entryway


Avoid using febreeze to cover up smells - people have allergies