Photography Prep Checklist

Is Your Home Ready for Photography?

Also, take a look at "Basics of Home Staging" for more information on de-cluttering your home! 

Before the Shoot


Landscape (weed, add mulch, add flowers/plants)


Wash driveway, patio, garage, deck


Mow Lawn


Remove CLUTTER from all rooms (less is more!)


Replace any non-functioning light bulbs


Deep clean home, including inside and outside of windows and patio doors


Day of the Shoot



Remove cars from garage, driveway, and front curb


Remove garbage can from view


Put away hose/sprinklers/shovels/yard tools


Ensure patio furniture is cleaned/fresh pillows


Remove any debris and sweep up loose leaves or grass



Turn on all lamps and lights


Open window curtains and blinds. Turn blinds horizontally or raise depending on view


Clean the floors


Turn off ceiling fans


Hide all cables, power cords


Turn off TV and hide remotes


Remove all pet bowls, beds and food from sight


Hide all family photographs/personal items on display


Remove any stacks of books, newspapers, magazines from display in any room


Hide any toys


Put away cleaning supplies (vacuum, swiffer, broom)



Clean and remove items from countertops (detergent, sponge, dishes, rags, hand soap)


Add fresh flowers, fruit, centrepiece to kitchen table


Remove magnets, photos, and stickers from fridge


Hide trash cans


Hide all small mats



Put away all clothes and personal items from furniture and bed


Close all closet doors


Make all beds and arrange pillows



Clean and remove all items from countertops (soap, makeup, fash wash, toothpaste)


Remove all items from shower (soap, shampoo, body wash, razors)


Put away all personal items (bath toys, scale, cosmetics, hair appliances)


Hide trash cans


Close toilet lids


Refill toilet paper rolls


Hide bathmats